Skate Kitchen : "These girls have totally changed my perception of the world skate-board"

After the doc ‘The wolfpack squad”, Crystal Moselle directed “Skate Kitchen,” following a group tying of skate-boardeuses in the United States. We met the young filmmaker american. Makadam Distribution AlloCin√© : Your first film was a documentary noticed, The Wolf Pack. You go to the fiction with the Skate Kitchen, following a real group of skateuses. Is this movie would have just been a documentary ? Crystal Moselle, director : Yes, indeed, my first idea was to make a documentary, but I really enjoyed this collaboration and I didn’t want to, just observe. I wanted to work with these girls, to create something together. How did you meet these girls ? I met him in the subway one day. Nina, who plays Kurt, has captured my attention. I said to myself : but who is this girl ? It was crazy ! Did you know that it was part of a band of skateuses when you met her ? She had a skate board with it. First, I found it cute, and after I realized that with his band, they were taking it very seriously. They made me discover their world. It was winter, it was very cold and they were skating and taking things seriously. They have totally changed my perception of the world skate-board. Makadam Distribution What have you learned from them ? They were very open to the idea of welcoming someone into their group, contrary to what I had been able to see from other skateboardeurs in the past. It was always very closed to the idea of expanding the group. With them, everyone can join. Everyone can put themselves in the skate. I’ve found it to be very special. They were not actresses, had never done theater. Gold in seeing the film, it is as if it had been easy for them to play, but was this the case ? There has to be a lot of work for that they are so fresh. Yes, for me, it was primarily to create situations and let them evolve within this world. I captais these moments as I will have done for a documentary. Create a situation and keep it close by to where this happens. Capturing moments. There are scenes in which we see them have conversations in a very natural way. How it happened ? This conversation has really taken place in me. For me, it’s like a dance film. It is this passion that they all have but without having the pressure of winning a contest. It is a film that talks about what all the young girls of this age are living : they are young, passionate, they discover their life, their sexuality and everything that happens when we are young. Makadam Distribution, And how Jaden Smith he joined the team ? Jaden came in contact with the girls on Instagram. Of the genre : “it’s going to ? You are super skateuses ! “And so he wanted to be part of the project ? It is he who has made the first step ? Yes, and I contacted his agent to show him the short film I had done. Still on the subject of Instagram, it seems that this is something that you want to address in this film… Yes, it truly reflects their world. What are the social networks that allowed them to create a group, but it is also what may separate people. There are good and bad sides. This is the reality, so I wanted to show something that was true to their world. The trailer for the Skate Kitchen : Skate Kitchen trailer VO interview at the Festival of La Roche sur Yon 2018